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The backbone of improvement is the ability to modernize in order to accommodate to new technology. We have utilized this philosophy through modernizing Winders manufactured by Cameron, Langston, Jagenburg, Beloit, Black Clawson and others alike. From basic rebuilds, to free standing slitter sections, to complete modernizations, A&F Machine Building can do it all. With the modernization of the Winders, you will receive improved slit separations, roll quality, productivity and safety. We also manufacture direct OEM upgraded components such as core saddles, and shaftless conversions.

Available Options

  • Shaftless Chucks
  • Threading System
  • Nip barrier/cradle
  • Driven rider rolls
  • Separate barrier guard
  • Slitter section
  • Dual spreader rolls
  • Larger drum rollers
  • Free standing slitter section
  • Two motor drives Hydraulics
  • PLC/PC controls
  • Tension Controls
  • Larger rewind rolls
  • Roll ejection
  • Free standing cradle
  • Cut down cross directional size to specific widths
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