A&F Machine Building offers a complete service audit as well as safety audits. The majority of businesses have many underlying factors which increase their inefficiency. Undiagnosed inefficiencies only mean that there is room for improvement. This is where A&F Machine Building can help. Our team of trained professionals is able to analyze your current production, and then determine what it will take to increase the efficiency. We will focus on where paper is being lost, roll quality, and specific machine speeds in order to improve production and lower your costs. Safety consulting is another service that we provide. The consulting is focused on but not limited to: guarding, switches, rider roll latch system, process control, and the feeding of the paper web.

A problem well defined is half solved – John Dewey


The drive acts as the brain of the machine; overtime this technology falls short of its competitors. To update the drive, a number of solutions can be put in place. One option available is to take the drive out of the existing machine and update it with new motors. Another option is to add a new style drive and bench board. By doing this you are completely updating the control console of the machine. Regardless of the needs of your business, A&F Machine Building is the solution to your problem.


If your business is in need of new parts, add-ons, or prototypes, A&F Machine Building can provide. We can design and manufacturer individual parts that are tailored to your specific requests. These parts can work in unison with your existing machine and improve on any weak points. Don’t fret on the little problems, we’re here to make life easier for you.

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