RDE Series

Our RDE rewinder is capable of running Tissue, non-woven, paper and board with rewind capability to 92″ O.D. (overall Diameter). The RDE slitter rewinder is constructed out of fabricated steel framing with no flex’s or cracking as with castings. All A&F designed slitter rewinders are exceptionally programmed to be operator and maintenance friendly. Designed to be operator and maintenance friendly. Many options are available to provide the most advanced winders for the clients purpose.


Drum Diameter

24 to 30″

Drum Face

To 400″


To 9,000 FPM

Rewound Roll Diameter

To 90″

Core Sizes

3″ to 16″

Optional Equipment

  • Computer controlled slitter positioning
  • Auto roll change
  • Roll brake on lead-in roll
    • Before slitter tension roll
    • After slitter tension roll
  • Rider roll drive motors
  • Dual drum drives
  • Dual spreader roll
  • Dual spreader roll drive
  • Splice assist package
  • Nip lead-in threader
  • Before slitter spread roll
  • Drive for lead-in roll
  • Ejector for 8″ rolls
  • Motorized adjustable spreader table
  • Custom machine color of your choice
  • Recirculating heating for hydraulic pump
  • Floor mounted cradle with roll barrier
  • More options available
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